Lingua ignota

Thought there was a thread for her? Maybe search function didn’t work. Caligula is pretty great. Best album of the year and I’ve heard at least 3 albums released this year.

Anyway, tonight at Oslo! Anyone going? Bruxa Maria opening and a band I can’t recall the name of who I didn’t care much for in the middle. How shit is a sold out Oslo?

you hate oslo? think it’s fine, though I generally have no strong opinions about anything

I have not heard this album though it sounds good, it seems to have people from the body and full of hell

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it’s a bit hectic when sold out and a total bottleneck getting in/out but i’d still go. bruxa are great live and it’ll be loud as fuck.

Caligula is one of my favourites of the year. Really excited for tonight, from what I’ve heard it’ll be intense. Gonna get there for Bruxa Maria, their album is great too.

Really looking forward to the Oslo show tonight! Caligula is a sublime piece of work!

That was fantastic. What a voice!

Was really good! She did both performing on stage as well as going through the crowd with her lamp.

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What time did she play til? I left s bit early due to location and it the heat was too much. Was good though, raw, maybe not loud enough or that could have been my location. As I was leaving people were running upstairs to attend to someone who I believe passed out… Possibly due to the heat but just speculating.

Anyway, for the most part it was great. Wasn’t keen on Grave Lines. Enjoyed Bruxa Maria.

Seeing her tonight! Been in love with her since I spent a very sweaty coach journey in Slovenia listening to Let the Evil of His Own Lips cover him.

It was way too hot wasn’t it. Even when it was really busy during the supports it was fine, but then the temperature got so much hotter.

The sound was decent but on the whole it’s not a good venue.

She played until 11. Weirdly for me it felt quite hot when the supports were on but seemed to cool down slightly once she started her set. Sound was good where I was, but yeah maybe could’ve been a bit louder for the noisy sections. Also enjoyed Bruxa Maria!

AM so jealous of anyone seeing her at the moment. Caligula is an immense bit of work