Linguistic curiosities

You can “pop” to the shops, once you “pop” you can’t stop when it comes to Pringles, you can “pop” a balloon even though it makes a bang noise but you “burst” a bubble despite the fact that it makes a “pop” noise

just good pop

This is also true

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slow up/slow down

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Don’t wrestlers “pop”, or get a pop, or something?

Someone recently suggested that their wifi password was 2444666668888888101010101010101010, which when spoken is "one two, three four, five six, seven eight, nine ten’


Yes, if you are a wrestler you can get a “great pop”

Thank you.

Pop to the shops for a tin of pop

No, YOU pop to the shops for a tin of pop

I like auto-antonyms. GBOL:

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pop a finger up yer bum


Is “atypical” one of those?

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Alright @2444666668888888101010101010101010