Link click counts

Noticed an odd quirk in how link click counts are displayed in the weekly new release thread.

As usual quite a few people have linked to multiple Spotify album links of new releases, but seems like only one link per post (usually the last one) are showing the count of clicks. I thought it odd that nine of the ten links in my original post weren’t showing any clicks, then I noticed the same on other people’s posts so I just tested it out on a few posts - I clicked on multiple links in each and only the last link showed an increase in count (or any count to begin with).

This is also affecting older posts in the same weekly release threads. I’ve looked back through several older weekly release threads and they are all showing the click count only on the final link - see this post for example, with 22 links but only the last one showing a count of clicks.

I think this is a new quirk in the past week or two as I usually look to see how many people have been interested in the recommendations I post in case I need to big something up more so would have noticed it.

This has been resolved - you can stand down now.

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