So I’m a fan of LinkedIn, did all my recent job applying through there without lifting a finger. But the downside is having to deal with the quantity over quality recruitment agents, day after day. I started a new job two weeks ago, yet I still get endless messages saying ‘I’ve looked at your profile and…’ . No you haven’t looked at my profile you moron. I always take the time to reply politely to a message, as I’ve just done now, but got met with. ‘Hi Marc, thanks for letting me know…’ MY NAMES NOT MARC, NOT EVEN CLOSE AND IF YOU WERE EVEN REMOTELY GOOD AT YOUR JOB YOU WOULDNT BE MAKING SUCH BASIC MISTAKES.

Rant over, tldr - how do you use LinkedIn and tell us fun stories and share your irks.

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There’s where you’re going wrong.

  • I use LinkedIn a lot
  • I have an account but that’s about it
  • I refuse to have an account
  • What’s LinkedIn?

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congratulate laelfy on her work anniversary!


Have an account, check it as little as possible, hate everything about it


Basically only use it so recruiters can flatter me with job offers I don’t really want. Although lately it’s been nothing but tobacco companies and that Brexit twat Dyson, so I might need to look elsewhere to get my ego stroked.

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Btw, even though I’m moaning about it, when I was ready to look for a job there’s a button you can press that lets recruiters know that you’re actively looking, companies then got in touch with me (as opposed to external agents) so it was really helpful, I’d recommend it.

What do you make of the people who are on there 24/7 writing motivational stories?

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I’ve nothing to offer LinkedIn.


Find it quite cringy but it’s not where I can find the kind of work I want, so perhaps it’s just generally not for me.

Found out from it that a former colleague thinks that no deal will basically be fine, so that’s good.

Got my current job through Linkedin but I can’t much stand it because it’s populated by recruitment agents and cocks

mainly use to it work out what my colleagues’ names are


Once had a recruiter tell me about a job they thought I’d be interested in because it’s in Glasgow. There’s nothing on my LinkedIn they mentions Glasgow.

Maybe they found out from here. Hi Timothy, you creepy fuck.


I don’t use it much but recruiters never give up. I still get calls for underwriter roles which I haven’t done for like 11 years.

Maybe cause your name is Epimer MacEpimerson?


I get emails about alumni events for my uni in Edinburgh. I never told them I moved to Edinburgh, so I’m assuming they stalked me on LinkedIn for the info.

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Ffs, now everyone knows

Do you

  • Respond politely to all messages
  • Respond selectively based on how idiotic they are or how useful they might be in future
  • Never respond unless I’m actually interested

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Thought this said “underwater” and was intrigued. Gutted.