Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory



I know its bad
I know its not hip
but i always go back to this album when I’m drunk
Does this make it one of the best albums ever?


Naa, it’s bumhat.


But if im drunk i dont want to listen to anything else, not even my favourite albums, bythat logic it should be great


Fair enough. I don’t know why anyone would want to hear Crawling after 10 beers though.


In The End is passable.


I would like to offer a completely different opinion to the one spouted by shucks.

It is not bumhat.


I knew there was a reason I always wanted to marry you




They’re no The Electric Six.


This statement is factually true!


About time some hard facts got injected into this thread


Can you stand by this the drink wears off?


I wouldnt have bought u the ring i did if it was just the booze talking honey :wink:


I listen to Simon webbe when I’m shitfaced. Beginning to think grace is the greatest song of all time tbh.


Some times I put on Take That and Wet Wet Wet when I’m smashed. Beat that.


I already did, in the OP


I think not but if you consider Take That and Wet Wet Wet less cringey than Linkin Park then fair enough


This alb has NOT aged well.




I adore it. I can sing it in totality.