Lint Rollers

Fucking shite aren’t they?

No comedians with chocolate jokes please.


Love them. So satisfying to use on something that really needs it. Might buy some right now as I’m going into sainsbury for the weekly shop, thanks for the reminder.

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Can you recommend a good one?

You have to get a good one although it’s still ultimately a bit pointless cos life is just very messy. Don’t buy them in Primark or Poundland, basically.

Good for people with hairy pets


I can’t even count the times a lint roller has saved my ass

Got one of these for getting Smudge’s hair off out sofa and it is great


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by Lint Bizkit


Never thought I’d have an opinion on lint rollers but the TV bought the one from Muji recently and it is excellent. The Rolls Royce of lint and microscopic fiber removal.

I’ve never used one before

They work on carpets if your hoover breaks down

got one expecting a brush + not realising it was just a sticky rolly thing ffs