Linux VPSs (0 reply centric)


Anyone run one of these? Is it just me or are people’s attempts at compromising them slightly terrifying? I’ve had mine for about three months in that time there have been approximately 81,000 attempts at trying to access it.


About 81,000 of those attempts are probably just standard port scans looking for known exploits to add your server to their botnet.

So long as it’s kept patched and unneeded services are off then you’ve probably not a lot to worry about.


Yeah your mum runs one.


Ah I see, I don’t have many assets, particularly linux assets, on the “public” internet that I actively administer so I was slightly surprised to say the least.


Yeah, it’s been common for ages now; if you log onto your router at home you’ll see the built-in firewall’s blocking similar traffic. Just keep an eye out, be mindful of security when opening stuff up and don’t use root unless you really need to, but otherwise don’t worry too much.