Lion Facts

What are some interesting facts about lions? Preferrably true, but I’ll take whatever on a Sunday.

They’re extremely driven by duty, family, and honour, but if given the opportunity to hang out with a warthog and a meerkat and just bum around for a bit they’ll totally take that too.


make a cracking beef bourguignon.


All lions are further west than Bristol

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Do they not just eat them?

Bit like a snickers without the nuts


No, in this instance they are happy to subsist on a diet of various tree grubs, and can even reach maturity despite the likely nutritional deficit incurred.

They also develop the ability to sing in harmony around this point in their development.

The Lion King is a load if bullshit, it should be the Lion Queen, innit.

Not a fact but that Wittgenstein theory is lion-bsded, that if lions could speak English we wouldn’t understand them. Sorry if this isn’t useful


Bet you haven’t even eaten lion, you big referential liar

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This is the most useful post in this thread by far at this point, so thank you

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Lion / tiger hybrids have different species, depending on whether on which way round the parents are (Tigon is female lion, male tiger, Liger is male lion, female tiger).

That’s all I’ve got, sorry.


Lions are the rulers of the animal kingdom.

Lion bars are not in fact made out of actual lions. Amazed that one got past the Advertising Standards people, really.

The main takeaway I got from the Lion King is that Simba’s really a bit of a shit who just does what he wants until Nala sorts him out and manages to, you know, cajole him into the preventing the genocide of his people. Come the fuck on, Simba, seriously.


Contrary to popular belief, they can also be found standing.


And are honest to a fault.

(no relation to Cheetahs)

I did not mean the confectionary item

Or a he suffers a depressive episode following the traumatic death of his father, and is helped through it by his friends, away from reminders of what triggered that episode. Once he’s got his mental strength back, a chance meeting with an old friend allows him to put right some of his wrongs.

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King of the jungle, yet can’t imagine them being sophisticated enough to create a monarchy system.