Lions losing at half time

thats because their players aren’t very good

never mind though eh?

Was thinking of starting a thread on this, wasn’t sure what the level of interest in rugby was here.

Tour conditions are rough on the Lions by all accounts. If you’re going to have these tours, both teams should have a proper opportunity to prepare.

I mean: ha ha England (and the others), your boys are taking a hell of a beating.

Hey man.
cant wait for the cavalcade of excuses if they lose this, or even win by less than 20 points

Gatland just earned himself a contract at Toulouse methinks

Jesus Chris thats Scott Quinell? I was wondering why they’d brought an Italian commentator on tour


Is it too much to ask that you send an international rugby team next time?
Off to put a bet on them losing every game from now on

It’s unfair playing a bunch of farmers; their day jobs make them extra fit and tough.
It’s cold and sometimes rainy in the New Zealand winter, how could we be expected to cope with that?
McCaw was constantly offfside.

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This isnt a million miles away from the excuses last time. Except you missed out that we’re all shit cos we eat pies, dont chant, and have possibly unsafe stadiums.

Actual statements made by Stephen Jones

tbf the lack of chanting/crowd involvement over here is a shame. Only really gets good in a big cricket match. Although the semi-final against the Aussies was good in 2011. Eating pies is a good thing. Jones is a mediocrity who only gets attention by insulting the ABs, best we ignore him I think.

Also, browsing AirBNB: some absolute fucking weapons are charging $800/night for a 1-bed apartment in central Wellington, or $500 for a room in a house in Thorndon, over the weekend of the Test. (OTOH, someone set up a website for Kiwis to offer free accommodation to Lions tourists, so we’re not all cash-hungry pricks).

Is this the Tory thread?

(The Welsh and you upside-down folk get a free pass)


Not like a Welsh lad to be really insecure about English rugby!

wouldn’t call it rugby tbf

And another thing, I hate Owen Farrell.

Kicking points at Twickers means I associate his face with Princess Margaret, so probably not his fault.

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  1. win is a win but that wasn’t great
  2. Not surprising considering the tour party arrived only four days previously
  3. Farrell must Start at 10.
  4. AWJ, Hogg, Sexton poor
  5. Discipline must improve
  6. Bench made a difference
  7. Sinckler, T’eo (Creasey) Faletau and Moriarty did well
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Eh? She’s been dead 15 years.

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wrong horse-face sorry, meant Anne

thank god he came on though - sexton needs to up his game

this is the real battle for no 10
as it stands sexton must be behind biggar for the starting berth

tipuric outshone warburton
he needs to step up as well or the captain won’t be in the test squad

Just put £20 on at 100/1 for them to lose all remaining games.

Money in the bank

Update, Lions still losing at half-time.
Alas, my steam is shit and either keeps cutting out or the sound is 30 seconds ahead of the play.