Lions squad

Halfpenny in! (??)

Seymour too?!?!

Boring backs, to a man (apart from Hogg)

Can’t really complain from what’s available tbf. As strong a squad as we’re going to get. Even as a Scotsman I’m not surprised by 2 Scots going to NZ and no complaints, surprised Seymour got the nod.

I’d have taken Johnny Gray

I’d have taken Heaslip over Moriarty

I’d have taken Kearney over Halfpenny

I really, really like Warburton but I think he always plays best when he’s just left to get on with his job. Should have made Wyn Jones captain.

And that’s my 2 cents.

3-0 All Blacks.

Not sure what else Launchbury could have done. Feel AWJ is only there because he has toured before and can captain the mid week team. Otherwise pretty pleased with that squad.

Two Tests at Eden Park? I know they can’t use Christchurch, but seems a bit cheeky, the All Blacks haven’t lost at Eden Park for over 20 years have they?

this, vey much this
two MOTM performances in the six nations

still, the rumours of Roberts selection were wrong, so that’s a bonus

wonder how many will get injured before the tour departs
41 is a lot of players, sensible to up it from 37 though

Sexton/Murray would be the #1 choice at 9 and 10 I guess?

liam Williams says hi

Aye definitely this. Although I get the feeling the All Blacks will absolutely break sexton early in the first game like they did with BOD

I saw the rumours yesterday of Roberts instead of Jonathan Joseph and apparently they were still finalising the squad late last night.

You’ve got to take a few more people now that it is 23 man squads but I hope it doesn’t lead to two completely separate like Woodward tried. Shane Williams had to be called up last tour as injury cover for a game.

  • and Liam WIlliams sorry