Lions winning at half time



It’s still scratchy, with some timing issues and the scrum not clicking, plus some basic errors like dodgy passing, but it’s been the most positive 40 minutes of the tour so far.


Lions have cocked up 3 easy passes for tries and we’re still winning. An hour in and this is where the Crusaders having cohesion as a team should be starting to kick in.


Surprised by this given that the Crusaders have won 14 straight games. Lions impressive from what I’ve seen of the game.


Crusaders making lots of errors. Lions defensive line has been excellent and the scramble defense on the few breaks they’ve made (largely off the back of bad Lions passes) has been fantastic.


The angry Welshman’s playing hockey this weekend…


All Blacks winning at full-time.



I’m not worried, they didn’t even reach a point a minute


Questionable value as a warm up I’d have thought.


cant wait for the Maori game

“oh Milner-Skudder…
Milner-Skudder will tear you apaaaaart


Won’t you now be shot for treason for not using a split endz or crowded house tune?


Hey now, hey now


We’ll push a maul over



Maybe a bit much to have the MC play Pink Frost or Chris Knox for a rugby crowd.
But his name is Mark McLeod, and I hate him.

Same shit songs from the 80s and 90s, embarrassing.


Posted on FB by my DJ mate a few days ago:

The rolling maul rucks on by, we maul until we score a try, we’ve got feverish sweat, aching bones, please oh god don’t take us home #chills

TBF I’ve heard the Phoenix Foundation at the cricket, if not the rugby.




Impressive from Scotland. Can they hold on for the last 10?


Yep, well played Scotland. Deserved that


“For To-da-aaay, I remember your smi-ile”.

Bet you wish you were here right now eh?


Fantastic result for the Scots.

Deeply average game of Rugby in NZ.


Not a yellow IMO