Lip audit



Christ. It’s come to this.

How are your lips tho?

  • Both lips thin
  • Both lips fat
  • One lip fat, one lip thin

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can we get the fnar-ing out of the way early pls. Then take the audit seriously.


Applied vaseline to them this morning


What’s the size switchover?


if you have to ask you have thin lips


this poll is anonymous coz it’s about looks and i don’t want anyone feeling vulnerable. also i forgot to TICK THE FUCKING BOX


i’d take the poll more seriously if it had better options!!! where are the moderate lip options (ooh)



There you go.


This isn’t the fanny lips thread, pal.


I don’t have a fanny


Take it to the Lipster, sister.


oh wow you’re a daywalker. there aren’t many. there aren’t many at all.


Then why do you sit down to wee?


mug’s game that mate


Comfort and cleanliness


How come?


My bottom lip is massive and is a constant source of ridicule.



mine is also massive but generally is appreciated as an odd quirk


dries your lips out, makes them more chapped (or you have to apply more of that shite)

just say no, kids


This is very interesting, thanks