Right, let’s cut the bullshit I think it’s high time we had a bit of #LipTalk for a fucking change.

How are your lips doing? Dry and sore in the current climate or have you taken the requisite action to look after them? Got one of those bits of dry skin on your lip that if you can just get away it will sort the whole bloody mess out?

We can widen this out to talk about the lips of others if you like, I’ve got a mate with barely any lips and a massive nose “No-Lips Pinocchio” we call him.

Let’s talk lips.

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take it to the lipster


They’re fine. It probably helps to not be outside much.

Lips are doing fine but could do with some kissing


they’re fine.

Weird how there isn’t a bit of protective clothing for lips eh

I opened my big gob yesterday and felt my lip split. Could be a sign of things to come. They’re ok right now though. :crossed_fingers:

Got a very strong theory that chapstick/lip balm makes lips worse, making you need more chapstick/lip balm.

I don’t put anything on my lips and they’re absolutely tops.


I’m in a really bad lip balm-hole at the moment. Have to use lip balm every fucking day or they become a sore, chapped mess. Can’t believe I’m a slave to Big Pharma now.

That is my theory on moisturiser and other skincare products.

I use this stuff in the winter, bought it on holiday a couple of years ago and it changed my life. Always ask people to bring it back from America for me.


YES STEVE! See my comments above. I think the only way I can get out of this is with the sweet release of death.

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got some coconut lip balm tone. like to rub it in my nostrils as well. cheeky.


Respectfully disagree.

They’re doing ok. Always been pretty lucky with them really, they don’t tend to chap or anything. Every now and then give them a bit of a scrub just to remove any dead skin etc

Thinking of getting some filler actually, especially in the top lip. Just a touch.

You disagree that his lips are tops?

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SO DRY. They were sore all weekend. That level of dry/soreness when they’re throbbing.

I swear by this in winter. Go through loads of it by having a scrub.

Apply daily

why do you need to put stuff on your lips?