Liquids you've imbibed today

1 x fruit smoothie
1 x pint of water
1 x mug of soup
4 x cup of coffee

Lessons learned:
more water needed

2x coffee
2x pints of water

3 x coffees (two with oat milk, one with soya)
1.2ltr of water

1.5x litre bottle of water
2x coffee

4 x tea
Milk (with cornflakes)

1 X coffee (espresso, Nespresso capsule)
2 X water (500 ml)
1 X coke zero (500 ml)

1x orange juice
1x latte
1x 330ml coke zero
1x glass of water
1x tea

1 x irn bru extra
2 x small glass water

Should drink some more

1x smoothie (apple, banana, orange, blackcurrants, blackberries, raspberries, spinach)
2x tea (almond milk, separated from the tea so quickly I had to stir whilst I drank)
2x big ‘thing’ of sparkling water. It’s a jug I guess. Try to drink two of them a day to keep my wee clear (satisfying)
1x Coke Zero cos I slipped

1 X pint berocca
1 X massive red bull sugar free
1 X 500ml diet coke
1 X cup of tea
1 X pint of water
1 X lemsip


That is absolutely all over the place. Respect.


And what have we learned, people?

only just getting started

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that ‘imbibe’ is a good word, need to use it more


Should drink more water
More water= more wee breaks
More wee breaks = less time at my desk

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Cant wait to see where this goes

Imbibe makes me think of hockey tours and binge drinking

1 mug tea with a turmeric
1 mug Yorkshire tea
2.5 mugs of coffee
2 pints of water

lesson learnt: I need to brew more coffee if I’m to have more coffee.

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Imbibe is also a drinks industry conference/expo mostly populated by wankers.

@Jeremys_Iron how’s my mug?