Turns out Dutch Haribo Kindermix is about 50% liquorice (drop). 50% straight in the bin

  • I like liquorice a lot
  • I quite like liquorice
  • I am indifferent to liquorice
  • I am not keen on liquorice
  • I dislike liquorice a lot

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My workmate has been feeding me different types of drop to try and see what I do and don’t like with my British palette. The sweet stuff is almost edible, and I have realised that everything in the UK can be classified as “sweet”.

This stuff however, is so gross as to make you wonder why it exists

Love the way they pretend it’s some kind of Italian delicacy with the flag. This is like the extra-strong-mints equivalent of liquorice, invented to make people sick.

@RoverHendrix / @colossalhorse I will buy you this shit and get it posted to your house if you film your laurier drop eating experience and post it here

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Had liquorice ice-cream in venice. Weird.

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Why would you do that?

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Love fennel but liquorice sweets are a fucking abomination. Sweets should be sweet sugar for my honey.

Only 2 euro, thought I’d give it a go. Also had salted caramel

Love it

Best bit is everyone else hates it so no one tries and snaffles a sweet off you

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Could really go a Pastis right now.

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That’s what Sean Connery eats when he visits Cornwall, isn’t it?


Venco dubbel zout

The smell gives me a headache. My mum loves it and I hate it so we know it’s not hereditary.

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I had a difficult run in with Ikea pick n mix liquorice a few weeks ago. Those diamond shaped ones where half is one flavour and half the other. The liquorice and banana ones were labelled as something else and I knew this but still risked it in case I was wrong so I ended up with like 5 liquorice and banana sweets and had to bite them in half and throw away the liquorice bit.

I like fennel
I like aniseed
I like sweets
But I don’t like liquorice


I don’t want to share a video of my ugly mug on here, but thanks for the offer! I actually had some Dutch salted liquorice at the weekend. I’m assuming that’s similar stuff?

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maoasm have you had these. really like them
not so fond of the salty drop but buy it sometimes if i want something to munch on that i know i wont eat all at once

Red liquorice is sound.

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All good!

The salted stuff is bliss compared to the laurier foulness mind

No, but I do like bananas so will add them to the list of things to try

The liquorice that you get in the UK is good. The stuff on the continent, especially the salted ones, are vile.