Just all really, really, really mortifyingly disgusting

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is red liquorice still liquorice cause I like that? are some things just flavoured as liquorice? what’s liquorice? I remember in the late 90s my mum got into chewing liquorice bark

When I was at primary school, we used to dare each other to eat Imps. I’m assuming that’s kind of the flavour? Proper pensioner’s sweet, the Imp

They do look similar, but the flavour wasn’t particularly mentholly, more like bad herbs. Could be the same though.

Red liquorice isn’t really liquorice, it just resembles it texturally.

I’m definitely intrigued by this. I think I’m a big liquorice fan but have I been hoodwinked by our British sweet stuff? Have I been deluding myself all my life?

Just ahead of Rock in terms of worst confectionary

ok good. HGWIR: Liquorice. 1/5

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those red ones filled with a sort of crunchy white sugar cement 4/5

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I like it in those licourice allsorts where it’s the minor component in the form.

And I like the Red stuff.

But on its own it can fuck off.

I can’t stress enough how much my mum loves liquorice.

Have you tried using the board’s italic, bold or even


formats to try to stress it.

Yeah, I had a liquorice allsort the other day and it was like the difference between a hot cross bun and a bread roll.

I keep mine in a fishing tackle box like Nigella.