List of examples voice

The voice people do when they’re giving a list of examples/suggestions

Fucking hate it

Do you know the voice I mean?

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also the counting them on their fingers with the other hand’s index finger thing

Example pls

Too shy to do it

Goes higher and more drawn out at the end of each example in the list

I know exactly what you mean…but its very much an Americanism and you can avoid it if you try.

Fucking knew it

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Omg I literally just recorded this before I’d seen your post

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Two of my closests do this and I hate them SO much.

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I can’t believe:

  • Both used xylos post because it was the only readily available list
  • The voice is what I meant
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  • I do this and feel attacked
  • I don’t do this and feel great
  • I do this and feel great
  • I don’t do this and feel shit

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I don’t know if I do this and I feel confused


OMG! A person near me just did this. I hope they’re ok.

Most people do it I think. I just missed melodious voice training as a youth and speak in strict monotone.

People might want to question their lists less, but i guess that’s up to them :confounded:


Monotonous people seem more honest though

I don’t do this


Mmmmm, that’s how I would read a list of things

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