List of foods you can't eat again due to vomit memory

Details encourged.

Fried bread and/or eggy bread
(stomach bug as a child)

That Green Kitchen courgette lasagne
(stomach bug whilst pregnant)

(food poisoning, it was prepackaged lazy stuff and I picked out the mould, error. Honestly thought I was dying with this one)

Chickpea and spinach stew
(pre-holiday stomach bug. Might be able to manage this one again one day, got a good feeling)

And a very close call - your bog standard non-courgette lasagne.
(because everyone told me that when you give birth you’re REALLY hungry so when I was in labour I ate a giant lasagne then kept burping and thinking it was going to come back up and actually, it did a good job of distracting me from the labour as it’s literally all I thought about. Curse you child if this puts me off lasagne for life)


Prawns, probably all shellfish tbh

Kopparberg cider

think this only happens to me with alcohol

Grapes. Ate two bunches of them while at sea as a child crossing the Bay of Biscay in squally conditions- throwing up grapey stomach acids with stringy grape skin coming down your nasal passages is something that stays with you. I can only eat grapes now if they are peeled (preferably peeled for me). (I am basically Mae West/ a Roman emperor).


Possibly shellfish after last week’s thing

Went off pork pies once because I ate a dodgy one but obviously managed to get over that one after a year or so

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I say vodka too but I’ll not turn it down if offered

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Injera pancakes.
Got food poisoning in Ethiopia, got so sick I lost 6kg in 2 weeks. Can’t even smell Ethiopian food anymore.

Weird one but undercooked pak choi. Last thing I ate before vomiting due to a bug - but it was my dinner the night before I had a work trip that involved a ludicrous trip of taxi to train station, train to made up place,* taxi to Stansted, flight to Munich, hearing in the morning.

Started vomiting when I got up. Vommed three times before leaving the house, once at Cambridge station, twice on the train, and once again in Stansted. At that point I called my colleague and said the only thing worse than one person with a vomiting bug is an entire crack patent twat team with a vomiting bug on the day of a hearing, so I’m not coming.

Funny thing was it was the first time I was travelling with the assistance of valium but I kept taking more as I vommed up and so the entire thing was a nicely hazy, fuzzy experience. Remember struggling to keep the pak choi down on the train and thinking “This is fine though isn’t it, if you need to vom just nip to the loos, no worries, everything’s fine”

*Bishop’s Stortford


I give it two weeks tops before you’re back on the pub crabs.


Can’t drink tropical stuff cos of this

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Gin (fell in thorn bush)

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Monster Munch
Overcooked vegetables

Peach schnapps (teen drinking)

Reheated rice (food poisoning, this incorporates any kind of buffet rice, egg fried rice etc, just don’t trust it)

Dark chocolate. Once ate a black magic Easter egg and a green apple for breakfast as a child. My Dad still likes to tell the story of the mould growing back on the car seats each year :disappointed:

Mulled wine. Once was the only alcoholleft in the house after a lot of wine and vodka with squash, eeeeer so sick the next day. My best friend vomited all in her (my) sleeping bag, I was sick in our garden, so much vomit.


tequila worms


not sure i could live without pak choi

No foods. Maybe pernod or rumpelmint in terms of alcohol.

I can live with telling myself I’m actually eating bok choi and cooking the fuck out of it

Scallops. Every time I heaved with sick poo came out. Didnt know which end to prioritise. Thought the first time was one off. Had them again. Same happened. In a hotel


Newcastle Brown Ale from when I was about 18. Vomited so hard I burst a blood vessel in my eye. Never touched the stuff since.


Also tequila. Smell of it makes me urge. And i swear i can taste it when i drink St Miguel