List of Garth Marenghi's Darkplace Episodes best to worst

1: _The Creeping Moss from the Shores of Shuggot_h Need I say more:

2: Hell Hath Fury "I’ve got two words for you Sanch, “telly kinesis”

3: The Apes of Wrath

4: Skipper The Eye Child Only one that I actually find legit disturbing

5: Once Upon a Beginning “You and he were…buddies…weren’t you?”

6: Scotch Mist Still good but the ironic jokes about the Scotch were thin. Although:

Dagless: The cabin crew suggested we all go out and club it. I had no option. It was that or one of their B&Bs. I figured it’d be safer on the streets. For the first time ever I saw the Scotch in their natural habitat, and it weren’t pretty. I’d seen them huddling in stations before, being loud but… this time I was surrounded. Everywhere I went it felt like they were watching me; fish-white flesh puckered by the Highland breeze; tight eyes peering out for fresh meat; screechy, booze-soaked voices hollering out for a taxi to take 'em halfway up the road to the next all-night watering hole. A shatter of glass; a round of applause; a sixteen-year-old mother of three vomiting in an open sewer, bairns looking on, chewing on potato cakes. I ain’t never going back… not never.

Sanchez: My aunt lives in Scotland; she says it’s quite nice.

Dagless: Well, she’s wrong.

Possibly one of my favorite series ever. Just wish they would release more of the original 50 shows


One of those series I rreeeeeally need to revisit. (Never liked Richard A though, dunno why)

Was legit thinking of starting an Ayoade thread earlier today, his schtick is very bad in my opinion.

Probably the programme I’ve introduced to the most people, and everyone has loved it.

Think it’s his voice. Nails down chalkboard innit.

Genuinely seems like one of the most likable people in the business to me. His shtick is that he cant actually act. Which works in Darkplace but can be very one dimensional in other shows.

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Which one are you?

John Oliver is going to be one of those people who is far better looking in his 40s then in his 20s isnt he?

The non-famous one, second from the left.

just looks like a dorky Gary Neville

Yeah, he might be a great guy, no idea. His schtick should be reserved exclusively for Darkplace though, it’s shite in everything else.

got bored of darkplace after 1 episode.
ayoade’s good and i watch all the travel mans although sometimes his glibness grates. reckon he’d fit in pretty well on here

2nd worst episode mate, and by far the least coherent

It’s so hard to watch this episode, knowing that she’s now missing,
presumed dead, with the presumption heavily on dead. I don’t think
they’ll find anything. But, then again she was like a candle in the
wind… unreliable.


Oh, I think I agree with your 1 and 6. The other four can be in any order.

remember going to see this at the fringe when it won the perrier, absolutely brilliant.
watched it on tv, absolutely brilliant.
bought the dvd, utter shite. mustn’t have been stoned that night.

will give it another go.

Watched it when it came out and it freaked me out of my nut so it did. I was sixteen and had never seen anything like it.

Still introduce people to it to this day and they love it. Time for a rewatch I suppose.

might do this too. haven’t seen it since i lent someone my dvd seven years ago.

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This bit had me fall of my sofa recently

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