List of people for whom you'd be glad to hear of their deaths


Not a very indie list but these need to fuck off and die:

  • Farage
  • Trump
  • Hopkins
  • Paul Nuttall
  • Mensch


Dunno about glad, someone/thing’d fill their void anyway.
I mean I guess at least with the Queen I’d be glad of a national holiday. That’s about it.


nah I’d be delighted

fuck 'em


Jo Cox would still be alive if Garage had died in that helicopter crash


Rupert Murdoch









Garage will never die






Agreed, Westworld is rubbish and all should die.


this thread is fucking weird. imagine wishing death on someone

'kin hell maaaaan


Myself I reckon




Yeah I was thinking about this - but I think there are some people it’d be reasonable to wish death upon, if their death meant an end to the suffering of many others. So, Putin is a good shout (as hopefully it’d prompt a regime change)


Have actually fantasised about killing him. Don’t care this’ll put me on a list somewhere, there’s no way that man deserves to die peacefully in his bed surrounded by his loving sacks of money.