List Of Steves

I was googling for a list of Steves and found this.

Emailed the bastards and they said


So to make me feel better about my inadequacy, please use this thread to talk about the Steves of this world. It’s only a matter of time before there are none left at all.

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Steve O is one

Shit Stephen

  • Steven
  • Stephen

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My brother
Ogrizavich (sp)

Just coming!


Don’t know any Steves

There’s one in Coronation Street, you could always watch that

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Buscemi. He’s one.

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I’ve eaten in a TGI Fridays at the table next to big Oggy.

Please remember this story on your deathbeds.


Hey! Steve here, just checking in. Stephen, technically, but re-branded to Steve aged about 16.
Kind regards,


I’m not sure watching a fictional character in tiny minute long snippets of varying frequency within half an hour episodes broadcast four evenings a week constitutes “knowing” him but I acknowledge that’s a Steve.

step hen bollocks

He’s been in it for years mate

Steve Morrissey

Shakin’ Stevens, notable both for his ability to shake and also, in the context of this thread, for being more than one Steve.

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I’m not convinced that matters

Sufjan Steve



If you went back and watched every episode he’s been in over the years I think I would count that as you knowing a Steve