List of subjects our new users might tackle


I imagine they’re all a little intimidated and wary about starting threads with the class of thread they currently see before them, let’s give them some ideas.

To be honest, I was trying to abandon this thread (via the cancel button) but for some reason it keeps popping up every time i try to reply to someone or start another great thread.

New Users - Introduce yourself here

This is a good thread in and of itself. More like this please newsers.


I’m willing to sell:

##If you had to swap your head hair for the pelt of any animal which would it be?

Willing to listen to offers over 70p


How about you tell a really boring story about how some friends have breached some non-existent rule of social etiquette.


Thread suggestion: is “newser” a suitable/less face-smashingly offensive alternative to “newbie”, “noob”, and “youngling”?


If you could lose a limb and solve all of the world’s problems by doing so (magically) but no one would know that they were all solved by the loss of your limb, would you do it?


good guy / wank

where they decide whether each current user is a good guy or a wank based off first impressions

thread can be amended in one month





<dave’s a wank>


How big does the bruise on a banana have to be before you’d refuse to eat it?

The great DiS heartbeat thread (not the shit sitcom): any irregularity, murmurs, etc.? Do you often get palpitations?

A hand made of glue or teeth made of grass?




I like these. The second one sounds like a disguised medical advice question that you can’t quite bring yourself to ask directly.


favourite thing that comes in a tin?


Answer quickly. Time could be of the essence.


why has no one invented a 5 legged chair?


Did we ever find out the answer to the question 'ho is Razorlit? ’


Jez Jez Jez - we long since solved that mystery. Stick around and we might just give you the answer.


What about ‘where to start with the fall?’


To be honest mate, nobody even talks about music any more. It’s mainly wanking with electric toothbrushes and cycling.

There’s also a thing called the quiz. Stay away from it.


Oooh, but I like quizzes