List of subjects our new users might tackle


What’s the highest number of stairs you can walk up in each step without looking like a flamingo?


Heartbeat wasn’t a sitcom you nobcheese. It was a nostalgic rural police procedural.


That was Life On Mars, you twonk.


hopefully we’ll get a fresh new perspective on updog


Can someone take him up on this offer please? It’d give me an excuse to tell my anecdote about a guy I know who’s got hair like a fox.


The whole Palestine situation. Feel like we were really close to cracking it on the old board, hopefully one of the new people can nudge it over the line.


Something about crisps or biscuits. Or both.


Personally I think there needs to be more Corbyn discussion, those threads were always great on the old place


What’s your collection of drill bits looking like?


Nintendo Gamecube


Guardian (ROLLING)


Professional photo shoots - who’s been to one?


Have you ever written a painfully long essay to an old friend that says everything you ever wanted to say to them…


Why do people like Beyonce so much?


has anyone/is anyone doing/done a media related course at university?


My new neighbour came round last night and as a gift she brought