List of things you've used to stir a hot drink that aren't a spoon


Wooden stick thing from the coffee place
Plastic stick thing from the coffee place


knitting needle
golf club




This isn’t a hobbies thread, sean.


ikea plastic bag clippy thing
pizza slicer handle
gravity (swirling)
pen knife

this list is not exhaustive


Sunglasses (the arm bit, obvs)

Edit: What do you call those bits?


I get a lot of grief for this at home. I tend to use anything clean that I have to hand, including in the past:

  • Whisk
  • the lid of the milk carton
  • a plastic fork
  • bottle opener


paper clip


Probably a pen, a knife and a fork, yeah.

Obviously I’ve sunk low enough to use those odious things you get in cafes:

  • the plastic stick
  • the wooden stick

I’m sorry if this reply is boring but @japes ‘invited’ me into this conversation so I can only presume he hates you all.


That doesn’t seem like it would be very effective.


it looks like you’re trying to stir a hot drink. would you like some help?


I walked right into that, didn’t I?

Here’s your penance:


I don’t stir hot drinks.


Enjoy your overly milky first sips of tea at Reading.


Why would not stirring = milky tea? I only put a “splash” in.


overly milky first sips
because the milk hasn’t been mixed in properly and is all at the top


It’ll be inhomogeneous!


Obviously I always use a teapot, so, milk first.


Here we go.


Cinnamon stick obvs