List of underrated things (rolling)

Microsoft Edge
Saxophone solos

oat cakes

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Piccalilli is so good but hard to get that ratio right. Also, I’d be open to a smooth piccalilli in future please, I never trust the chunks of cauliflower or whatever.

A sublime condiment. Craved some last year and could not source any in the co-op. Disappointing.

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Garlic pickle.

Nearly all pickle should be garlic pickle but virtually no pickle is garlic pickle.

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Think its one of those things that bad versions of are absolutely disgusting, so I have a tendency to stay clear.

Best pickle is turnip pickle, the pink one you get with middle eastern dishes, best pickle. Second best is ginger pickle with Japanese dishes

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Tap water


Game Night (2018)


I’m afraid you have made a terrible mistake by forgetting about garlic.

Good tap water is good, bad tap water is undrinkable

Stuff here tastes like a swimming pool

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I assume here you’re talking about Staffordshire oatcakes?

A more-expensive toilet roll

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Depends on the source - our tap water is fine, go 10 miles up the road to my parents’ house and it’s awful.

I got some fancy homemade stuff in a meal delivery box from a wanky restaurant last year that forage all their food, you know the type. Can confirm it was simply as good as the jarred stuff I’ve had at my nan’s.

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Rustler’s burgers
Theo Walcott
Last two Cocteau Twins albums

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My mum’s tap water is vile, makes her tea taste like shit. I think she’s been filtered up now but I haven’t been able to test drive it.

I don’t think I’ve ever tried a garlic pickle, what do they go with?

Iceland (supermarket)