List thread of your "normal" orders / purchases in the following places:

  • a coffee shop
  • the pub
  • McDonalds (please pick an alternative fast food chain of your choice if you don’t ever get a McDonalds)
  • any other places you can be arsed to list

(sheeldz did this thread years ago over on The Old Boards and I think about it lots, no idea why)

Coffee shop: Don’t go in em, cup of tea if I have to though
Pub: Cloudy lemonade if they have them
McDonalds: Quarter pounder with cheese meal
KFC: Wicked Zinger Meal
Nandos: Sunset Burger, corn and fries

  • coffee
  • beer
  • chips

really like that sunset burger but I’d replace the corn with the peas I think

sometimes I have macho peas and mash instead of corn and fries

coffee shop: coffee and a dash
pub: any lager over 5%
macdo: big mac meal with an extra cheeseburger
subway: ft long italian bmt with ketchup

mash with a burger! what a world!




Coffee shop: Cappucino or a mocha
Pub: Depends what’s on.
McDo: Quarter pounder with cheese meal. Optional extra cheeseburger.
KFC: Boneless banquet meal with 2 extra hot wings.
Nandos: Chicken thighs, peas and chips.

Actual list:

  • medium Americano, or black filter coffee
  • Stout/porter > any Scottish ale > anything that’s not stupidly over-hopped > Guinness > whatever bottled option you’ve got that’s not lager
  • probably six chicken nuggets, chips, BBQ sauce? Not really my thing tbh.

Coffee Shop: Flat white

Pub: Currently an IPA or a shit lager like Fosters

McDonald’s: Quarter pounder with cheese meal

Subway: 6" Spicy Italian with bacon added. All salads except sweetcorn and carrot. Barbecue sauce please.

Coffee shop: cappuccino before 10 AM, espresso any time after
Pub: pint of ale
McDonalds or any other fast food chain: N/A
Nusa: regular size, no rice, coriander and chili topping, piece of bread


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  • Coffee shop: Latte (normally from scandi kitchen of icco)
  • White beer*/Guiness/Whisky and coke
  • Veggie burrito (the most fast foody place I go these days*)
  • dunno

*everybody shut up

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You get more soup that way.


Coffee shop: black americano/filter
Pub: Hoppy ale
McDonalds: Quarter with cheese meal
KFC: Mighty bucket for one

  • Jen’s cafe: veg dumplins (always)

Here’s mine:

coffee shop: espresso (sometimes a filter- it depends)
pub: ale, pint (I will normally base what I have on the design of the pump clip); if I’m not drinking, a lime and soda
mcdonalds: big mac, fries, vanilla milkshake, cheeseburger on the side

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Really fancy a quarter pounder with cheese meal now.

one thing I totally miss about macdonald’s is the milkshake

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