List thread of your "normal" orders / purchases in the following places:


coffee shop: latte
pub: pale ale
mcdonalds: mcchicken sandwich meal with coke

Coffee Shop - Black coffee
Pub - The most Spanish lager (usually San Miguel, but more and more places have started selling Estrella), or whichever real ale has the best name.

McDonalds/KFC/Whatever - I propose a subthread - can anyone recommend any of the meat-free options at any of these high street fast fooderies?

I tried that vegan fried chicken in Hackney over the weekend. It’s the future.

they have milk products in them now!?!?!?!

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Coffee Shop: espresso or cortado depending on where I am, Americano (black) if I’m in a high street chain

Pub: ale, normally look for one I’ve not had before, or a bottle of craft stuff. Lager of 5% sometimes depending on pub

McDonald’s: big Mac meal with extra cheeseburger

coffee shop: mocha
pub: pint of ale
mcdonalds: double cheeseburger
greggs: whatever looks best at that precise moment

greggs: bacon and sausage (link, please) roll and a latte
chinese: chicken chow mein with black bean sauce

Coffee Shop: Filter Coffee with Milk
The Pub: The best beer that’s on tap
McDonalds: 2x double cheeseburgers and a large fries. The bottom buns of the cheeseburgers are then dispensed with and the cheeseburgers are then put back together as one quadruple cheeseburger, with a layer of barbecue sauce betwixt patties 2 and 3.

Coffee Shop: Soya Cappuccino (only if they dont use the soya milk I don’t particularly like in which case I will have a long black)
Pub: Pint of nice pale ale - preferably a Beavertown Neck Oil
McDonalds: 2 portions of large fries
Nandos: Mushroom and halloumi pita minus the halloumi and the mayo, with large peri peri fries and corn without butter. Smother it all in garlic nandos sauce
Subway: 6" inch honey 9 grain with just salad and honey mustard
Nusa: (@plasticniki and @aboynamedgoo this is the age old argument between me and my bf about whether to have rice or not. I am always PRO rice, he is always ANTI rice)
I will always have rice and 2 breads. I need one bread for the walk back to the office.

simultaneously? impressive.

@meowington I am very pro rice.

coffee: flat white
pub: any beer I’ve never tried, usually a porter. failing that anything dark.
ff: don’t do macdo’s. kebab shop is probably my only semi regular fast food. chicken kebab.

I want to try that place but I aint queuing

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I had what I thought was going to be a lovely dark beer last night but it was very smokey and I hated it :cry:

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this is a pretty accurate flow chart of my beer making decisions

We queued for well over an hour. I’d be lying if I said it was “totally worth it”, but at the same time, I’m so, so, so glad we persevered.

Great! It’s your round btw.

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nandos: 10 wings, hottest sauce they have hashtag spice warrior

coffee: depends on the shop, really. generally a latte w/soy and an iced latte in the summer (filter coffee if it’s alright or somewhere without decent machines)
pub: blackcurrant and soda cause i can’t drink :cry:
mcdo: large chips and coke zero cause that’s all i can eat :cry:

burrito place: naked burrito with guac and no cheese, cream or beans (lol)
will do a subway salad at a push

nandos: boneless platter or 1-2 chicken fillets (medium, like to add my own sauce), chips or rice, avo or corn. or salad with that pomegranate dressing :heart_eyes: .

anyone read any posts that aren’t their own yet?

coffee shop - americano w/cold milk
pub - pint of ale
chippy - battered sausage and chips (or “sausage supper” as I’m coming to terms with saying)
EDIT pizza place - pepperoni

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