Listageddon 2022

If you are actually thinking of selling this , I’d be interested in buying.

Oddly that was such a weird day for me.

I was on my way to that afternoon gig on my day off and my manager called me to see if I could come in as the lab I work at was in meltdown…semi literally due to the hottest day ever recorded at The UK earlier in the week.
I told him I’ll come in at 2pm after the gig.

Went to the gig with some bloke I know from my Camden pub and went to work after. After work I went to the Dean Wareham gig that was postponed for ages due to covid. I was tired, hungry and drunk as hell at the end of the night and agreed to go in again to work the next day. “Brilliant” memories or at least a very memorable day.

I shook Jack White’s hand on the signing. I’m an old school (old man) and that was my big thing of that day.

I probably paid £11 or £12 for entry to Rough Trade East that day. You buy the CD as a ticket entry.

Posting it to you probably will cost me a couple of quid. How about you donate £15 to DiS (or a little more if you’re able)? Just a trust thing no one checks I think but we’re a nice bunch here.

DM your address and I’ll send it to you.

I’m currently drunk typing this at a pub in Bethnal Green and really should head home. Hopefully, this message isn’t too shit/offensive/sanctimonious etc.

I got a CD signed and shook his hand and don’t really need the CD if that makes sense.


Found the thread that day. I took a photo of the CD on the tube heading to work.

Awesome much appreciated, just donated 20 quid to DIS.

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Nice one. I’m off next Monday and Tuesday and can get to a post office if you DM me your address.

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Chuffed for Just Mustard it is a very good record.


mon the lads

Enjoyed this bit in their mailout. No shade being thrown at all…

with manufacturing lead times still being bonkers, we’d have had to decide our albums of the year before the summer to have exclusive colour variants available for you now & we just weren’t prepared to do that. we actually wanted to wait as long as possible to decide on the list & even hate having to commit in october with 2 full months of music left to explore. most of our choices already had plenty of stock available & we definitely don’t want to be adding to manufacturing strain either, so we have some nice end of year extras for you instead. signed prints. exclusive alt-sleeves. fanzines. signed polaroids. and an instore. to see all our top 10 choices & the extras on offer, scroll on down.


Well this was weirdly on the money then


I expect this post to come out a bit earlier every year

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Which is an actual shambles of a site looks like Kevin Morby is number 1

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Again? Sure they’ve given him about 3 now.

Good list from Bleep….


Yeah I love all the records that I’ve heard from this list (including the Wu-Lu one I only just discovered) - will check out the others!

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Looks like the list we’ve all been waiting for is finally here: