Out of curiosity how out of touch is the DiS editorial team from the Social Board’s current love of music? How many of our albums of the year list have you lot heard?


Got a feeling Aphex will be a fan of your number 14

None of my personal top 5 of the year in there, but I am a big fan of the Cave, Bowie, Angel Olsen, Preoccupations, Frank Ocean & Jenny Hval albums.

The less said of The 1975 the better


Literally nobody likes The 1975.


Incorrect. They’re great.


With good reason. Look at the content of the BBC’s I Love 1975 page:

That’s what 1975 fans like.


I’ve heard of 15/16 and consciously listened to 3/16.

Jenny Hval is the album of the year by a mile.


Pretty sure all the people going to see them at their little run of shows at The O2 arena exist. Maybe I’ll be there on my own.



Heard about half of them, some of them only once through because I was bored, have never been arsed with Bowie or Cave and most of the rest of it I’ve listened to other stuff by the artists and not liked.

In a year when I’ve liked more new releases than I have for about 6 years or something there is literally not a single album on that list I’ve come close to loving.


Apart from The 1975 I like pretty much all the choices in there.

I wouldn’t say I LOVE any of them though.


this is almost as bad as pretending to like The 1975


Only a top 16? No pictures? Bit austere, innit.


Hey! No it isn’t!


Pictures just take up too much space and bandwidth.


Indeed I am! What did you think of it aggpass?


crock o’ shit


OK. Sorry Sean :pensive:


16 is a power of 2. Good number for me, Clive.


atrocity exhibition

then, from the staff picks
the life of pablo
freetown sound
take her up to monto
for all we know

thanks, bye


really wanted to like blonde (but I don’t)