Listen, if you think I'm going to make the evening thread again, you're mistaken! (Pancake night)


sup? I’m at work. probably posted 200 times on here today whilst getting paid an hourly freelancer rate. what a pisstaker.

had chipotle for tea. wish i’d had pancakes instead. you?

I’m having the M&S gastropub Brewers chicken ready meal, watching Hollyoaks, then going to creams for a banana and strawberry crepe

what is creams?

thank christ, I was halfway through making a thread when I saw urs
I kinda have to go out tonight but I really really cbf with it. I just want to watch dr who and read my book. Only going to save face but i’m tempted just to lose face

Making pancakes, aren’t I.

A dessert restaurant that should really be called gelatos

Doing nothing. Was gonna go out but can’t be arsed

I haven’t had a semla yet. About to have bolognese and watch The OA

Off to the gym, can’t decide whether to have leftover pancakes or pick up something from Wasabi for dinner. Can’t wait til I get physio so I can run again and eat katsu curry and not get fat

Sweated buckets at the gym. It was very much like that bit in Peep Show, you know the bit I mean -

Now I’m trying to decide what to eat that won’t ruin all that effort. Just want to eat pure fat if I’m honest.


I have learnt more today about dresses than I wager I will ever learn again in my life.

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Made pancakes successfully. Though the first one looked like a slightly deformed version of Ireland. Or maybe the profile of a portly man.


i think that’s a fried egg mate


What’s wrong with it, other than the shape?

Dinner date with my mum <3


That purple ice cream monstrosity by dalston junction
It’s glorious

That, my friend, is a baby stegosaurus going for its first trot.

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T -5 minutes, folks


It’s a wee bit pale I guess? The first is always a bit squiffy. I bet the others were superb! I’ll be sending my owl to come fetch some in a mo.

took me a minute, got there in the end

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