Listen, if you think I'm going to make the evening thread again, you're mistaken! (Pancake night)

Important pancake question people…

I don’t have a nonstick pan, would it be a terrible idea to try and make some without such a thing?

That, my friend, is a sheep who’s scoffed too many luxury party rings!

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Fry it first you maniac!!1!!

Flatmates were making pancakes so I just had one with everything on it. Bacon, sugar, lemon, golden syrup, marshmallows, chocolate, blueberries, raspberries. Delish. Setting up my raspberry pi to play Zelda now :heart_eyes:

Fao of @_Em what does this say pls!

And it’s GO for pancakes!

Ice cream and golden syrup at the ready


Just had some dismal pancakes in fucking Shoreditch. Off to Jenny Hval now :heart_eyes:

Dunno- it’s in Polish. I only know jedna, which is one, and dwie which is two.

Google translate tells me “two cows are better than one”. One for @overthehill to explain.


Didn’t have any pancakes, had some on sunday, and it isn’t pancake day in Austria.

Instead all the kids and some of the local teachers came to school in fancy dress, which is what they do today. I asked them if they were going to go to a party or some kind of after school thing, but apparently not, which seemed a bit depressing. All the shops closed at lunchtime too.

Having cous cous for tea and probably will have a third round of pancakes for pudding.

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just went up two flights of stairs to make a cup of earl grey. dipped one biscuit in it and it fell apart and now there’s all bits floating in my tea. fucking livid. :rage:

Tell you what I’m into these days. Lady grey with a bit of orange

bet you’re regretting not picking cake now. Hmm?

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Shall you be cutting that with scissors?! :wink:

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you win this round, witches…

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good evening egf, lo-pancake and etc


Just had some tasty dinner and the gf has decided to make pancakes for dessert :+1::grinning:

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Man, I am well jealous of all this pancake business :confused: Might have to buy a new pan and make some at the weekend.

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And i just flipped it like a fucking pro