Listen to some of my music and tell mw what you think? :)

Hi I’m carson! Im a teen from Texas pursuing a career in music, so I really hope you check me out! I haven’t posted any songs with my band yet but we will soon :smile: . I Love Music and entertainment in general! I really do have a passion for it and i honestly would appreciate some constructive criticism on my music. I want to preform to the best of my ability and i think you can help :smiley:

What’s in it for me?

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@Icarus-Smicarus I can try and fax you a high 5. I mean times are tough, but i can try and spare a down low or an up top :neutral_face:


I had a listen to some of your music!

You seem to have a pretty decent voice. I think it suited the country cover better than the All Time Low cover - mind you, I’ve not heard either of the originals.

I think you could probably work on your guitar playing a little, try to make your strumming patterns a little more nuanced so there’s more ‘light and shade’ when you’re playing.

And you had the decency to give @Icarus-Smicarus a witty comeback, so points for that.

Overall: not really the sort of thing I’d normally listen to but you seem like a decent sort. Good luck with your efforts!

thanks ill work on it! really appreciate you!

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