Listened to first 4 Laura Marling albums by 9am today


she’s very good.


I’m upset that you didn’t ask us to ask you anything.


which one did you like the most


toss up between I was an Eagle and alas i cannot swim.

have you a favourite?



do you like her?


yeah, probably a creature I don’t know. really like all of them other than her latest one though.

what prompted the binge? were you already a fan or was this a voyage of discovery?


That Sophia song is magnificent.

yes a big fan, i put on the first record, and then did an impromptu binge. i thought listening to 4 before 9 was worth mentioning.

I have a friend who is claiming she is better than Dylan, first 6 albums against first 6 albums.


your friend is silly, although I do wonder if she would be more lauded if she were a man. I mean, her stuff always gets good reviews but there’s a lot of guys with fewer good albums who have been heralded as geniuses. probably a case of people overrating them than underrating her, but still, it’s a bit weird


No i mean usually when someone makes a statement like that they go AMA



Is there anyone else who can match up to her for best recent folk singer? Or at least modern folk, since she’s clearly not traditional nor is she trying to be.


iron & wine maybe? only started listening to jesca hoop this year off the back of her new album but she seems pretty great too


glorious. i will continue the binge on my way home this evening. you a fan?


I enjoy her music, don’t think I love any album in particular. Saw her live at EOTR thought she was really good.


I think the latest one is really good.

I have found the previous couple a bit samey and traditional.

New one is ace


I agree with this opinion. Previous ones I’ve liked some songs but felt she was being a bit pretentious. Reckon she’s settled into her style/sound now, and even if she does sometimes put on an accent it doesn’t really bother me


I Speak Because I Can > Semper Femina > Alas, I Cannot Swim > Short Movie > A Creature I Don’t Know > Once I Was an Eagle

love laura marling. totally better than dylan, who cares


Although I’ve heard bits here and there, semper femina is the first album of hers I’ve spent time with. I think it’s great, really lush and intricate…though I have my suspicions that I won’t enjoy her previous albums quite as much?


I suspect your suspicion is correct, wonton; but you should still give them a listen. At least once …