Listening party with TKC


Stuck for things to do and often find myself listening to the same old stuff. Ive realised my Spotify starred playlist is packed and I havent listened to it for ages. Its full of stuff i love, stuff i am apathetic about so gonna stick it on and give some thoughta. Probably very boring thread but oh well, passes the time for me.

On shuffle the first song is… Bring It On Down by Oasis. Living in Manchester has really soured Oasis for me but theres still some fun to have. Dont really remember hearing this before. Its quite good, think people underrate how good Liams voice was at times. Their songs are very predictable, always seem to fade out with Noel noodling at the guitar for a minute


Ads have broken Spotify one song in, lovely stuff


While I wait , heres Mutoid Man doing Tom Jones on a train (posted this too many times)


A - Rush Song. Fuck knows why this is on here. Its actually alright though, got quite a nice riff (which is a Muse ripoff though). His voice is dead bad


So Down On by Rival Schools. What a belter of an album this really was. saw them in Leeds Cokpit and some nobhead kept shouting out Quicksand. Ah im putting Used For Glue on, proper 10/10 classic


Smile by AFI. Early AFi is proper good fun. Underrated band really


Genesis of the Antichrist by Anaal Nathrakh. Was thinking earlier I need to get back listening to these. Such a ridiculous band but in a good way. saw these on my own in Sound Control"s basement. was good


Firepoof by One Direction. Not even sorry


DIscharge - Where There’s A Will There’s A Way

bit of a less fun Anthrax


Curl Up And DIe - Doctor Doom, A Man Of Science, Doesn’t Believe In Jesus, Why The Fuck Do You

the title says it all really. pretty standard hardcore stuff but what a name


Thursday - Subway Funeral

ahh I get to see Thursday next month, dead excited. this album (Common Existence) was really good actually. not heard this song loads but Geoff’s voice soars


hear nothing see nothing say nothing is an all time classic
(are other people meant to be replying to this thread?)


by all means!


The monorchid - Abyss.

Actually have no idea who these are or why I have starred it. Quite decent though, singer has a nice sarcastic esque drawl to his voice. decent punk rocky tune. will look up who these are


Selena Gomez - Bad Liar

uses the Psycho Killer bassline and makes a song that is ten times better than anything Talking Heads did


Hot take coming through


stand by it


Chaos Emeralds by Adebisi Shank

start of it sounds exactly like Turnaround by Devo. I quite like this band but always get a bit amazed by people saying this is the best record ever and that. it is quite joyous I guess


Obviously wrong. But I admire your conviction


How did Manchester sour Oasis for you. Does their stuff get played constantly or something