Listening to Radiohead B-Sides by album

And maybe @plasticniki is right and The Bends ones are the best. Still, OK C’s were pretty mint too.

My Iron Lung ep is genuinely great.


The Bends has The Trickster, Maquiladora, Killer Cars, Banana Co and Talk Show Host, so it wins.

OKC is second: Polyethylene (Parts 1&2) and Meeting In The Aisle.

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Worrywort is their best one I reckon.

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If we’re being full-on accurate, Killer Cars is already a Pablo Honey b-side.

Also, Palo Alto is a fucking immense b-side from OK C.

as was Banana Co

Yeah I just remembered I’d forgotten Palo Alto.

TBH an album of their best b-sides would probably be better than any album they’ve done.

Yeah you can @ me if you like.

it was originally going to to be the title track from OK computer, but it didn’t sound right.

Oh yeah, true.

I can’t actually remember my all-time rankings of each track now (it will have been about 15 years since I last did this).

sounds like we need to do some Radiohead rankings

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Hmm, are you saying a complete anthology of b-sides would be or are you saying if you cherry-picked 12 b-sides from the complete collection? If you’re doing that then surely it would need to be up against a 12-track compilation from all their A-side album tracks?

Does that extra disc from In Rainbows count as a collection of B-Sides? They were all really good anyway.



(Sorry Colin.)

I never have really thought of it that way. Down is the New Up is better than any single track on In Rainbows IMO. I always play them right into each other. I assume you’re meant to as the fade out of Videotape seems to continue straight into the intro track of CD2.

yes it does and yes they very much were.

Meeting in the Aisle is so boss. I haven’t heard it for ages.

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Nah, a cherry-picked 12.

I’m comparing them like that because apparently the b-sides weren’t worthy enough to be part of any albums, yet 12 of the best ones might be better than even their best album.

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Yes but often they’ve made it clear they just didn’t fit in the structure of the album they were making. Like @Avery is putting In Rainbows CD 2 in the b-sides box which he is allowed to do, but I think it’s really just a shorter flipside of Amnesiac in that regard: another collection of songs that didn’t fit the theme of the main album. I’m pretty sure Polyethylene was definitely on the OKC shortlist for ages before they decided it wouldn’t work on it.

So for them b-side is often a vaguer thing than definitely ‘second’ tracks.

Look at the fact that Thom played Motion Picture Soundtrack loads for John Leckie during The Bends sessions but they never decided to put it on there. That combined with the requirements from the record company to put 2-part singles with 2 b-sides a disc probably put extra pressure on them to put decent songs out there?

except Amnesiac was a main album, with B-sides.