LITE (the Japanese instrumental band)

I’m a big fan. I know @TVDenimChap is but in fact the site’s searching facility is a real pain to search for LITE on because even if you search for " LITE " or "LITE " you get loads of random uses outside of the band :smiley:

Anyway, just listening to their new album

which I like but it’s a shame it’s so ‘bitty’. 25 tracks over 40 minutes. Maybe it’s some kind of strange off-cuts. Because I don’t speak Japanese I can’t really find out any information about it either. It’s not on their Bandcamp or in their Wikipedia page.

Anyway, if you like LITE enjoy? Chat? Something?


Okay you can’t select text in Spotify but I was able to select this via posting it here and now I can Google and then translate to English:


(You’ll have to turn on the subtitles in YouTube) The music used here is nothing like LITE though.

i got into this EP 10 years ago when i was having a big math rock phase. good EP but never listened to much else by them

i heard about them as bands like The Redneck Manifesto and Adebisi Shank would go and tour Japan with them

they played here 2 or 3 years ago, i think playing one of their old albums in full, considered going but didn’t. after a year of no gigs i’d absolutely love to go and see them now.

i was going to say from the artwork this one you’ve linked looks like a soundtrack or something


I reckon 2008’s Phantasia is their best work really but it’s possibly a bit front-loaded so that might be why I feel most strongly about it.


Phantasia’s my favourite too! The title track is beastly.

Enjoyed this EP too, especially the first track

Hope they make it back over to the UK soon, they were really fun live

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Yeah I loved that EP as well

I like LITE, went to a one-day festival in London years back specifically because they were playing.

Haven’t thought of them in a long time though, will check some of this out.

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Ooh, didn’t know they were still going. They were absolutely blinding. Remember them at the medicine bar in brum being a math delight.

Filmlets and Illuminate were the jams if i recall.

Good shout Theo! WIll have these on today.

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