Literalising Sayings

Just dropped a bag of crisps because I had butter on my fingers

Don’t think literallising is a word either

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haha, a literal ‘crispdropper’ :smiley:


just really really want to build a fucking dam and then maintain and defend territories, which are areas for feeding, nesting and mating.[54]

Haha, a man with actual ‘dambitions’ :smiley:


I once held a bird, which you’d think would be a great experience, and it was but

Haha, a case of a held bird literally being conditionally great! :smiley:


overthrew the government and installed my pets as absolute monarchs

literally reigning cats and dogs

Haha, you’ve left me nothing to do here as you’ve clarified your own literalising :smiley:


literally good

Haha, a literal case of the literaliser literally becoming the literal literalisee :smiley:


Just covered the 1991 Wimbledon Men’s Singles champion in a common herb and asked him to record my progress in a computer game named after the German word for no.

Haha, a literal case of Agassi Basil saving the kein :smiley:

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Would be glad to stand there looking a gift horse in the mouth, if anyone would be so kind as to gift me one

took me ages to figure out the saying means it’d look ungrateful because that’s how you check their health