I literally just made this thread!


I’m literally replying


That just happened! ^


omg literally


I literally cracked a rib the other day and am sore and grumpy as a result.


omg i literally don’t care


Literally the best synonym for figuratively


I’ve been leaning into using literally a lot lately.

Let that sink in.


I try to leverage literally


I might reply to this later, figuratively.


Is this the hill you (not) literally want to die on??


I am extremely here for dying on the hill of leaning into literally.


A good “bit” for a modern sketch show or improv troupe might be a character who thinks when kids say “It’s lit” that they mean “It’s literally” and then gets confused about it


Copied shamelessly from the Guardian:

“That cross to Rooney was literally on a plate” (Jamie Redknapp)
“Barca literally passed Arsenal to death” (Jamie Redknapp)
“he had to cut back inside on to his left, because he literally hasn’t got a right foot” (Jamie Redknapp).


Literally is literally in my gift.


I’m struggling to see this as being anything other than literally awful, but then again I am a horrendously negative person.


I’ll be honest, I think I’d literally change channel if I saw a thing like that on telly


Might work on a radio four tea time comedy show with Milton Jones.

And by “work” I mean - “be terrible”.


Omg I am speculatively screaming at this thread


Quote from my sixth form English teacher, discussing Sons and Lovers:

“And when the miners got off work at the end of the day, they were literally buggered”.