Literary optimism

What’s the shortest you’ve got through a book, bookmarked it to come back to, and never returned?

Last night I found a bookmark on the second page (of actual story) of All The Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy. Think I started reading it…2 years ago? The bookmark is the Panini sticker of the Switzerland team from the Euros.

“A screaming comes across the sky. It has happened before, but there is nothing to compare it to now.”

Think I only managed about 4 pages of Crash before deciding it was a load of old shit. I did bookmark it thinking I might be in the mood to read on later, but as yet I haven’t fancied doing so.

I might go through my book shelves and take out all the bookmarks. Reckon it’d be double figures.

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Are you assuming the remainder will be a disappointment?

And then you just started weeping at the holistic achievement of it all…


Got two pages into The Book of Dave a while ago but wasn’t in the mood for trawling through the futuristic dialect. Sure it’s great but haven’t felt inspired to return to it yet.

Basically abandoned The Unbearable Lightness of Being immediately after it started harping on about Nietzsche on the first page. On second attempt it became one of my favourite books so go figure I guess

I have loads that I’ve started and not finished recently. Durkheim ‘Suicide’ is probably one of the ones I read the least of and I bought it last year.

a lot of the time I read the first few pages, chapter or introduction of a book I’ve just bought, then put it on the shelf or in a stack and never look at it again

  • Bookmark like a dweeb
  • Something repurposed as a bookmark like a less dweeby dweeb
  • Fold the corner of the page like an unfussed champ

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Generally football stickers.

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Two pages, The Trial - Franz Kafka

books have built in book marks - namely folding the corner. it has zero detrimental effect on the book (you dweeb).

I probably wouldn’t do it with like a first edition shakespeare or whatever fancy shit you sell in your shop.

I like books to still look nice when I’ve read them, so no dog-earing.

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Dogs have ears that are nice and cute IMO.

Wouldnt open it for fear of spitting my coffee out with laughter and ruining the book

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I fucking hate page folders. You’re all pricks.

  • Keep books when you’ve finished them to read again
  • Keep books when you’ve finished them because they look nice
  • Keep books when you’ve finished them for some other reason (explain)
  • Get rid of books when you’ve finished them.

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After getting whipped constantly at Chess WIth Friends I bough ‘The Right Way to Play Chess’ by David Brine Pritchard. Managed 6 pages, all of which went in one eye and out the other.

used to not even bother buying books that were slightly damaged from charity shops (weird behaviour?) . now I don’t really care which means I have loads of shitty looking books. I still don’t dog-ear them though