Littering is good, actually

A genuine take I’ve just been made aware of:

Done any good littering lately?

Not sure how much of littering where I live is biodegradable. Just seems to be fast food containers and broken pieces of furniture fly tipped around the place.

Boo to littering and those that do.


Everytime my son borrows the car it comes back stinking like an filthy ashtray

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The idea that people should be more aware of what they throw away and that they should aim to reduce it is fundamentally a good one.

The idea that turning bins over in the street is the way to achieve that is not a good one.


Litterers aren’t my kind of people, but neither are people who whinge about it.

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Feel like there’s been a noticeable decrease in litter since I was a kid. When I was 10 there was litter everywhere, now you don’t see it so much anymore.

I still can’t get over how filthy London is for litter. There’s no need for it. :confused:

always throw my apple cores in the park, which is good

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Littering is good actually

- a pregnant pig, probably

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Really interesting Twitter thread.

I think I now believe in littering although I would never do it.

Don’t agree with this at all. People round my way LOVE littering and given I don’t live in an affluent area, I don’t think this is being done as an act of protest against gentrification.

As a former Litter Monitor, which helps me understand the facistic power the police have AND engender an understanding of how to look after the environment, this is bullshit.

Cant imagine this thread is going to be for you


Interesting. I definitely see what’s being got at, but I think the effectiveness of this action would be tiny compared to its negative impact.

can’t we just compress it all into bricks and then make houses out of it?

Dunno, think even the visual pollution alone of litter everywhere can be harmful for some people

I find litter picking quite relaxing tbh even if it is a waste of time


or even, dare I say, non-existent.

Just dropping your litter wherever as if you just couldn’t be bothered to find the bin, yeah. But a targeted campaign of littering with specific and well publicised aims could work