Little Bad Things about living in a city/large town


If you ring a taxi from a specified supermarket you have to say which one. In a town you can just say Morrison’s/Sainos and they know exactly where you are.

Thought about this after walking past 2 Lidls on the way home yesterday. Probably not worthy of its own thread.


Tourists. This isn’t a theme park ffs it’s a place where people live and work and generally exist. GET OUT OF THE FUCKING WAY


On the other hand, you’re unlikely to need to get a taxi on accounts of how there is likely to be public transport


have to look at what number the bus is and work out where it’s going, rather than just get the one bus


It’s nice to live in a place that people consider nice/interesting enough to want to visit


Depends how much shopping I had.


That’s up to you



Not this - however after moving to a tourist town I have seen the problems airbnb causes and shan’t be using them again.

So I guess a problem of living in a city is that I no longer can take advantage of cheap holiday accommodation elsewhere.


london is the premiere capitalism/bikram yoga theme park of the world


I had a really confusing drunken conversation with a taxi operator because I was trying to order a taxi to Hope Street, behind the Theatre Royal. She was insistent that there’s no theatre on Hope St. I very indignantly stated that of course there was, I’m looking right at it.

I’d called the St Andrews taxi firm in my phone, hadn’t I.


Nobody chats to each other on the tube! What’s that all about. So arrogant.


Sure, I just wish they wouldn’t


I like the fact my miserable face must be in the background of thousands of tourist photos around westminster


Full-time Air bnbs are an absolute pox, :pray: @harru

I think just generally the attitude of a small number of people and how they conduct themselves when outside at night. That baseline assumption that if you want to be able to sleep through the night you shouldn’t be living in a city.

Got told on here once that you’ve literally no right to complain about excess noise from neighbours on Saturday nights. As if.


There’s probably a fair few of the side of my head. Don’t even break stride for people taking photos, I’d never get anywhere if stopped for them.


This isn’t that kind of thread.


make a point of just walking through all the photos of that bloody insect clock


bad air quality + the effect that it has on children’s development & people’s health in general


This reminds me of when I used to put on gigs and a band was running late. My mobile rang and it was a band saying that they’d got a bit lost but were currently on Oxford Street. I tried to give them directions but they were really confused. They were on Oxford Street in Manchester and had phoned the wrong promoter. My band turned up five minutes later.