Little bit of Thursday

Giving a presentation today in front of about three hundred people. No biggie, right?

What are you doing on this rainy Thursday?


Morning tilters, good luck, you’ll be absolutely fine I’m sure.
Feeling slightly less lousy than yesterday so might go and get a haircut this morning then see if Mrs F feels up to a trip to McD this afternoon, or I might stay in bed, who knows.


Best of luck, I’m sure you’ll smash it :hugs:

Back to work after three really fun days off (crying), but going to see Marika Hackman tonight (happy).

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I’ve done absolutely nothing

tw: landlord. landlord got a formal eviction order yesterday after a hearing. we got to say our bit, and he got dragged, so now we have to complain to the registration board or whatever and see what comes of his actions. the clerk couldn’t comment obviously, but… it was clear he thought he was a piece of shit. we got to make him sweat though; he wasn’t happy to be in that position, partly because we’d found him out to by lying to the tribunal, which carries a criminal conviction… we will see.

anyway, now that’s over we have to figure out a new place or something, no big deal. not worried about it, got bigger things to worry about.


Hi tilty and &c

Sure the presentation will go well!

Been up since 4am with the tiny human alarm clock/hot water bottle (he still has a bit of a fever, but not as bad as the last couple of days so hopefully on the way out). Feel pretty frazzled as I haven’t had any time to turn off since Monday as R has been off preschool, not out with his dad, and I have fallen asleep at his bedtime the last couple of nights. Just want to read the end of my book or listen to the Rebecca Foon album from last week I haven’t listened to yet.

Going to make a big load of macaroni cheese at lunch, so there’s that at least.

Good day to you all.

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Aw mate, such an ordeal :frowning:

Hope you can get a relatively better landlord with your next place :crossed_fingers:

Saw the Aurora last night and got some photos, which I’m very proud of as I’ve never done night photography before.
Not sure if we’ll go snowboarding or just potter about today.


Aurora photo.

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I don’t like going to work when it’s light outside.


I just saw daffodils


This is going to be quite a long day. Want lunch already.

Aye, doesn’t sound like the place to be playing rap music.

Quite a standard day for me. Work, gym and watching footy

Good luck Tilty!! You’ll smash it!

Busy day at work. I have been put in charge of the whole team as of yesterday so I need to figure out wtf I am doing!

Off to Copenhagen tomorrow to celebrate the TV’s birthday - looking forward to that!

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It’s snowing a bit. Can’t decide if I should drive in to work or wfh.

That’s all I’ve got.

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Too cold for daffodils, your mind is playing tricks.

Read this as ‘good luck tits’ :smiley:


I’ve opted to WFH today because I’ve got a delivery coming, and when I woke up the weather sounded far too miserable to be driving in. The more the day goes on the better that decision feels (probably means I have to go into the office tomorrow though)

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Thursday I play badminton after work.

I dont feel like working or playing badminton after.