Little bit of white spit

That gets stuck between the lips on the side of the mouth and breaks apart when the mouth opens too much, but reforms when it closes a bit again. May or may not be foamy.

Why do some people get this more than others?

For the reckid: I don’t get this unless I’m really dehydrated.

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I think you probably just enrage people when you’re talking to them.


I am @anon50098204 and own @lee

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No thanks ant


Haha! Nice one!

Chronic Dry Mouth maybe?

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yeah there was always one or two kids at school who had that. dunno why they got it but they were usually unpopular.

@anon29812515 & @saps ?


I’ve always associated this with old men.

I have a living will which includes a list of things that I want to be euthanised over.

The little bit of white spit thing is one of them.

If he doesn’t want it, I’ll take it