Little Britain

What does everyone on DiS think of it? Never seen much opinion expressed about it on it from this site. Would be interesting to see what the consensus is.

  • Love it
  • Hate it

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I love it yeah but hate it no but yeah but no but yeah but no but yeah but SHUT UP!

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At the time, I loved it, but looking back at it I realize its actually quite and offensive and unfunny piece of shit with a couple of good gags that doesn’t make up for how overwhelmingly offensive it is.


It’s no Big Train.


fucking dreadful show


Only good character was the ridiculous Scottish hotel worker who got cut after the first series

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That’s an impressive consensus.


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I always found the spoken intros amusing. Can’t think who did the voiceover.

Edit: Tom Baker! :scarf:

I think they’ve both recently said there are a number of characters they regret. Personally couldn’t get on with it at the time at all.

Little Britain got some praise IIRC as the successor to League of Gentlemen. It really wasn’t. There are bits of LoG that haven’t aged well at all but the rest is still really dark and imaginative and brilliantly acted and written. LB felt like a relic even during its initial run. My mate said the other day that LoG was like an anticipatory satire of the Brexit dystopia, whereas Little Britain is just Brexit. So creatively bankrupt they even stole a one-off line from Tubs (“I’m a lady”) and turned it into a recurring sketch. Hateful shite.

I can’t imagine it’s aged well. Was never a fan but they came up with a lot of characters and catchphrases that really took off. As with these sort of sketch shows with recurring characters it gets weaker episode by episode.

But enough about the old DiS boards, eh?


There should be ‘national embarrassment’ option in the poll.


Enjoyed it first time. Then it was the same episode every single time.

And I’ll never forgive the Vicky Pollard character for making middle England feel that little bit more smug and superior.

I’m gonna vote LOVE IT. Yeah. Take THAT, the 99%.

And Cuntface Walliams still thinks this is ok.


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And Come Fly With Me had them doing this


and this…


Found it depressing when it came out and I was a nipper. Always thought ‘Is this what people find funny’

Sorry to the two people who voted in favour, but not really sorry.


it was shit. not even in a “hasn’t aged well” way, it was always shit. rock profile was quite good though