Little friendly note about spoiler blurs

Been meaning to make a thread about CW/TW for spoiler blurs for a while, it’s a bit pointless having spoiler blurs without giving a quick indication of what the hidden content is.
I know lots of us (myself included!) sometimes use the spoiler blur frivolously and that’s fine but there’s been quite a few occasions recently I’ve clicked something thinking it’s going to be silly and then it’s about a health issue or death or something I would’ve preferred not to have read at that time and would not have clicked on if I’d known, being the delicate little flower that I am.

So basically what I am trying to say, in a garbled way, is can you put a content warning in front of your SB if your reason for blurring isn’t bants.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Good point. Have made it a few times myself in the past. Wonder if there’s a way that you had to add a mandatory reason that would be shown for the spoiler. Have seen this work well on other forums.


also on pics eg. ‘raw meat’ etc

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  • I have seen your friendly note and I am happy to CW my serious spoiler blurs
  • I have seen your friendly note but I am not going to bother writing a quick CW on my spoiler blurs

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Think I’ve been guilty of this in the past so apologies.

I’m always a bit apprehensive of what to label for a content warning though. Like sometimes I’d be labelling something with terminology that could be triggering in and of itself?


Yes, I’ve had this exact struggle myself! I think I’ve just used initialisms in those cases eg. SA I think most people would see that next to TW and know what the content will be about.


This might be a very daft ask but is there like a standardised glossary or something we could use to adhere to? (Not asking you specifically!)

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Yeah I do this too, that’s why I think a general rule of only putting CW if it’s potentially upsetting/difficult rather than shy/jokey/extra layer of privacy etc reasons

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Thank you


Was just the first example that popped into my head.
I don’t mind that sort of thing but some people might, and how much effort is it really to type out a couple of words?


I just find that an interesting discussion is all

would people rather only see cooked meat? as in, 90% of every dinner picture post?

No, but I’ve seen it rather tastefully done on social media… Eg, the following post contains pics of meat, if you don’t like the content, swipe on X amount of posts.

Suppose it’s just being mindful that there are members of the community that don’t enjoy seeing pictures of meat, cooked or raw, without warning.


like I said, that’s hundreds of meal pics per week

Aye, yeah I get that and post more than more share of pics of food (usually cooked), but for some egregious pics, could be worth being mindful of people.


Depends if I’m in holiday or not


I WISH we got hundreds of meal pics a week.

Still only takes a few seconds to do a CW @daggers


I’m not arguing btw