Little injuries - would you believe... it's a poll thread!

No, I fell over when I was out running

Some guy was like “are you ok?” and all I could respond with was “I’m good, I’m good, just fell over”, as if he hadn’t had a front seat to me face planting

  • Bashed your belly walking into a sink
  • I have spatial awareness

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  • Tripped over on the pavement ALMOST face planting but just managed to recover in time to give some fellow pedestrians a very cool and casual “I’M OKAY!!” :+1::grin::flushed:
  • Tripped up and hit the decks
  • I am lizard people

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Having trouble with the phrase “bashed your belly”

And what, may I enquire, is troubling you about the phrase ‘bashed your belly’, good sir?

Got a splinter deshelling a prawn

  • Karmic justice for the prawn
  • No

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Find it a hard one to visualise. I mean I’ve walked into something causing it to hit my stomach, but somehow the phrase bashed your belly just seems too extreme

I bashed my belly THRICE (at least) on the downstairs loo sink on Tuesday.

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Pulled a muscle at Laserquest so badly you had a pronounced limp

  • Who hasn’t?
  • No

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Same weekend my colleague did some bonkers coast to coast event and was essentially fine.

had to read “walking into a sink” twice

Wash out your filthy mind.

Staggered to the bathroom in the middle of the night after a drunken night, fallen on the open loo lid, somehow cracked the thing in half, staggered unaware of this back to bed only to be woken in the morning by frantic gf panicking about all the blood in the bed from large cut on bum cheek which is still showing the scar 22 years on

  • Yup
  • Nup

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No, but it’s probably only a matter of time

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some of these are really quite specific


And not little either. impaling your hand on a pencil…


Don’t know what you mean!

technically It was fainting and cracking my eye against the toilet seat. It was all Disco Dave’s fault. …and the heat.

Last night I was staying in a hotel room which had a long thin bathroom and the toilet was behind the door which opened inwards. The door was weighted so that when not closed it naturally opened back into the room. The bathroom had a noisy extractor fan that lasted ages so I wasn’t switching the light on when I went to the toilet. Therefore when I went to the toilet I had to kind of walk backwards in a half squat in the darkness to find the toilet seat to sit down. Every single time whilst doing this the door sprung back and smacked me on my forehead. At least four times. :woman_facepalming: For two nights.

  • Yes laelfy this happens to everyone
  • Just switch the light on ffs

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Playing Bulldog in the school playground and you sprint past the defender, turn you head and laugh at your victory, but then run straight into the brick wall and bounce backwards to the ground, winded by the impact and bruised for a week.

  • School innit
  • Always vigilant during Bulldog

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  • Giving yourself a minor concussion because you didn’t know how bike brakes worked and you “put them on” at the top of a flight of stairs, expecting to stay still when you let go of them, and were then shocked when you went rolling down the stairs and then full on headbutted the wall while your mum and best friend cried laughing at you
  • How are you alive

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