Little jobs you've been meaning to do around the house

I just changed two light bulbs in the bathroom. They’ve only been flickering for about three months.


Need to polyfilla a couple of small holes by a window from when a new blind was fitted. It was fitted in May 2018.


I would love the house to not be chaos just one time


Almost all of our lightbulbs have gone in the kitchen. We ordered some more, but to our old house by mistake. So I have to go to our old neighbours, get the bulbs (assuming our old landlord hasn’t taken them by now) and then change them all. What a palaver!

Hang a new mirror
Replace the thermostatic shower bars
Touch up paintwork (loads)

Stop worrying about that - it’ll only revert to chaos once the entropy of the universe kicks in.

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clean kitchen counters

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Defrost the freezer
Fix the shower so I don’t have to use pliers to turn it off and on
Take the bins out

End me now.

Get the right lightbulb and then put it in above my shower. It’s been eight months.

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we replaced a kitchen bulb and it blew again about a week later

the whole “lighting” thing is a total racket imho


Move important documents into a folder instead of loose in a box

Never had an overhead light in M’s room as I’m terrified of the light fitting - some huge glass thing. It was an awful light anyway but suppose I should put a bulb in at some point

Get the boiler, toilet flush, bathroom extractor and dishwasher repaired.

New roof

New door for the barn

Basically, everything that’ll stop the place from falling down round my ears

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so I accidentally smashed our long mirror last week but it was just a cheapy one from Ikea but i’ve got Ikea fitted wardrobes which I’ve been meaning to get a mirror door for one of them for AGES. Problem is, delivery at ikea at the moment is like £40 but collection is £10 BUT it’s up in the air whether it will fit in the car or not. I’m saying yeah we can make it work, bf saying don’t think it will. Mainly haven’t sorted it cause I am picturing a full barny when it doesn’t fit in the car and my bf does not take things like that very well…

the bulb on the upstairs landing seems to go faster than any other bulb in the house and it’s the hardest one to replace as it’s just out of reach for me, and i find it a bit scary standing on something there to reach it in case i fall over the ledge down to the ground floor

i’ve just stuck the new bulb in the unnecessary light outside the bathroom across the way instead, that’ll do for now

just had the amazing idea of bringing in a couple of the random bricks that are lying out the back to stand on to reach the light. what a genius.

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This sounds like the opening scene of an episode of 999


Not really little :grimacing:

Got someone coming to have a look at it hopefully soon. Any of the house bods got an idea what it might be?

Could you get the measurements for the mirror off IKEA and see if it would fit then?

is it a key for the window…?

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