Little made up songs you have for things **NEW BOARDS REDUX**

beaujolais - to the tune of Ali G’s novelty hit ‘Me Julie’
antihistamine - to the tune of Toyah’s ‘It’s a mystery’
Saag Aloo - Either to Stagger Lee or Agadoo


Laddered Tights - To the tune of Paradise by Coldplay

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Lagavulin to the tune of Like A Virgin.


Did this for Stalag, stalag, stalagtites in Wookey Hole recently.


Excellent stuff, really nailed the marriage of content and location there.

Whenever I wake up with black makeup around my eyes I sing “Panda-eeeyyyyes in the morning” to the tune of Rolf Harris’ Sun Arise.

I’ve tried to stop myself given the source but I’ve been doing it for too many years now.

The cat song, where you hug a cat and say “caaaaat”.


work with someone who’s second name is ‘Fasham’ and sing ‘Fashion’ by David Bowie but the words go:

Oooh, Fasham,
You’re in the sales squad and you’re sending reports.

kill me.


Also used to sing “two side of fries” to Too Shy Shy whenever someone would order that in my kitchen days

Leftover Courgette to the tune of Little Red Corvette

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stalagmites or stalactites.

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Still do that bit in Lou Bega’s Mambo Number 5 where he shouts ‘THE TRUMPETS’ but replace it with THE CRUMPETS when I’m toasting some up.


My Mum always used to sing ‘can you believe there’s no bag in the bin?’ to the tune of R.E.M’s Man on the Moon.


In it’s Mumsy awfulness, this has really done me.


great work

Whoops. See I even knew this cos of the Tights Hang From The C-eiling thing.

My daily 'mare, sorry!

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Got to have a system!


At work, when lunchtime was quickly approaching, I would sometimes sing in my head (to the tune of ‘Coming Up Roses’ by Elliott Smith)

It’s coming up luuuunch-tiiime, everywhere
Sweet bread, lunchtime’s coming up

was singing ‘riding in the dark’ to ‘riders on the storm’ last night while cycling in the dark

not my best but I can’t get it out my head

I do Saag Aloo to the tune of Balamos by Enrique Iglesias