Little made up songs you have for things **NEW BOARDS REDUX**

Whenever I see a post from @marckee, it reminds me of this:

(sampled on Shutdown by Skepta)

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Eat Rolos, Rolos, Rolos, Rolos WHAT


“Shower and a shave, shave, shave, shower and a shave, shave, shave” to the tune of this:

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I’ve recently enjoyed doing a variation on Ariana Grande’s Into You when I’m cut up by a car while I’m cycling, that goes

A little more indication, baby
A little less hit my body
Because you went into me, into me, into me

Next time it happens and you catch them up at a set of lights, you need to sing this to them.

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Whenever i’m stirring stuff in a pan, i’ve got this little song that goes Ya gotta keep it movin’, Keep it movin’
Not sure if it’s from an actual song, sounds a bit like shaggy or something.

S club?

not unless that song is a lot more reggae than i remember

It’s actually 5ive

Glad I checked now!

do they actually sing what i said or have you trolled me into listening to this?

same question to @profk

They sing Keep on movin’ it’s pretty similar but not exact same hth and save you listening to it

too late :disappointed:

If there’s any kind of pan sauce going on, its:

Wanna grow, grow up to be
Be a deglazer



Just realised that recently whenever I get thirsty when I’m working I sing “I think I need a cup of tea” like

In my world Beaujolais gets sung to the tune of Odelay by Beck

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I went through a weird period of narrating what I was doing to the tune of the introductory bit of ‘Grey Sunset’ by Ariel Pink

Ever since I got a 50 pack of Spontex blue clothes I can’t wipe a kitchen surface without singing in my head either “Spontex the hedgehoooog” to the tune of Frosty the Snowman, or, worse, “His name is Spontex. He is a hedgehog” to the tune of the opening lines of Copacabana.

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