Little made up songs you have for things (REDUX)

Couldn’t find this thread on the new forums. Looking at paints to do a couple of walls in the house and have spent most of it singing farrow and ball to the tune of Carrie and Lowell, and replacing the word emotion with the word emulsion in carly rae jepsen’s emotion.

This could also go in the annoying your partner thread


When my kids were smaller, and I was bathing them, I used to sing ‘(christian name) (surname) I wash your bum bum down’, to the tune of this:

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I sing basically anything with 6 syllables to the tune of jasper singing ‘theme from a summer place’ in the simpsons.

When cycling or driving through the village of Eyam I will sing its name to the tune of sweat by inner circle

Thank you for starting this thread, I thought of one the other day, but didn’t post it and now I’ve forgotten one which is a shame. Will just have to reel out the old classic which still applies.

To the tune of the verse of Diamonds & Pearls by Prince:

Gonna take a shit
Gonna take a shit
Gonna take a real big shit

(persons name) is so
Mardy all the time
Mardy all the time
Mardy all the ti-ime

Bit of a twist on 19 that, sometimes gets a smile though

Did you know that Eyam is Maye backwards?

Huge if true